A week of links

  1. Were the Victorian’s cleverer than us? Patrick Rabbit pulls it apart.
  2. Kevin Mitchell has a shot at the new eugenics. Razib responds. Read the comments on both.
  3. Peter Singer critiques conspicuous consumption. The example is similar to one Robert Frank uses in Luxury Fever, but I still like it.
  4. Gender identity and relative income within households (pdf). I haven’t read it yet, but some interesting results.
  5. Maybe I’d have more time to read if I cut out the distractions. Avoid news (HT Ryan Murphy). Actually, I’ve almost completely cut news from my diet, but blogs and the twitterverse are still very distracting.
  6. Do markets erode moral values? I’ll post about the paper when I’ve digested it some more, but I don’t think it’s the “market” eroding the morals.

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