A week of links

Links this week:

  1. Biology, behaviour and obesity.
  2. Eric Crampton on the heritability of political preferences.
  3. Polywater (HT: Joe Pickrell).
  4. Matt Zwolinski defends the morality of markets.
  5. Jason Potts on funding the arts.

I’m going to be away in the Malay Archipelago the next two weeks. I’ve scheduled some old posts (with accompanying promotional tweet) from my early blogging days for while I am away, but otherwise, it will be electronic silence from me. If you want to find me, try looking here:

2 thoughts on “A week of links

  1. I hope you are having (or had, I am a bit late on my reading) a blast on your vacation! Just a minor note: link 4 seems to have a typo that causes it to fail since it tries to go to a non-existent sub-directory on your site.

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