A week of links

Links this week:

  1. Is your body mostly microbes? A nice take-down of  another trail of citations dead-ends. One thing I have learnt from my PhD research is that when it comes to citations, academics are lazy.
  2. A good piece on Peter Thiel. Curing death is on the agenda.
  3. Fixing gender bias in research subjects – because men and women are different. HT: John Durant
  4. Using data in determining punishment – some interesting implications. HT: Marginal Revolution
  5. Deadweight loss in pointless research.
  6. Three complexity MOOCs about to kick off from the Santa Fe Institute.
  7. A not-so-convincing attempt to take down the philosophy behind nudging.
  8. Don’t expect praise if you state your motivations behind hiring women.
  9. Predicting when bubbles will pop from MRIs.

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