The blogs I read

Although RSS seems to be on the way out, I’ve found myself explaining feed readers to a few people recently. They asked for some suggestions of blogs to follow, so below are some from my reading list.

I try not to live in a bubble, but you can see a libertarian bent to these recommendations. My full reading list (as at 4 January 2015) is here – unzip and upload it into your favourite feed reader – and is a bit broader than the below might suggest.

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science: My favourite blog. Regularly skewers statistical papers of all types. I’ve learnt more about the practical use of statistics from Andrew Gelman than I have in any statistics or econometrics class.

Offsetting Behaviour: Eric Crampton’s regular dismantling of those who want to protect us from ourselves is always worth reading.

Gene Expression: Still the best evolutionary biology and genetics blog.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians: The blog at which I feel most at home politically.

Econlog: I have only Bryan Caplan’s posts in my feed, although Caplan is possibly the most infuriating thinker I regularly read.

Askblog: Arnold Kling’s post-Econlog blog is always a source of sharp comment on interesting material.

Marginal Revolution: One of the most popular economics sites, but possibly the best aggregator of interesting content.

Econtalk: Not a blog but a podcast. Russ Roberts has an impressive guest list and is rarely dull. There is a massive back catalogue worth working through.

Club Troppo: A centrist Australian political blog. I don’t have any Australian “libertarian” or “free market” blogs in my feed, as they are generally horrible – conservative at best (rare), corporatist at worst, with posts closer to trolling than informative and comment sections that make the eyes bleed.

Information Processing: Stephen Hsu provides plenty of material at the cutting edge of research into genetics and intelligence.

Santa Fe Institute News: The best feed of complexity related stories and ideas.

Matt Ridley’s Blog: Hit and miss (a bit like The Rational Optimist), but more than enough good material.

The Enlightened Economist: A constant source of additions to my book reading list.

2 thoughts on “The blogs I read

  1. Thanks for posting this. Clearly I read a lot of the same blogs you do, but there were some in there that I was unaware of and that sound interesting (the Santa Fe Institute News, most notably).

    If you or your readers want some recommendations for stuff somewhat out of the economics/genetics spheres but still perhaps of interest, I can recommend two blogs: First is O’Reilly Radar @ (“insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies”), from the folks who publish the O’Reilly series of technical documentation. Lots of hype-free stuff on leading edge software development, the “Internet of Things”, biohacking, “maker culture”, etc. The “four short links” posts are especially good as pointers to interesting articles you might not encounter otherwise. And if you have even the slightest interest in computer security then Krebs on Security @ is an absolute must-read. You can read reams of blather about stuff like the Sony hack in the mainstream press, or you can read what’s really going on behind the scenes in the world of computer crime.

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