A week of links

Links this week:

  1. We see skill where none exists and are happy to pay for transparently useless advice.
  2. No evidence of the effect of parenting on criminal behaviour.
  3. Doug Kenrick on testosterone and the rationality of taking risks.
  4. Pulling apart the recent paper on perceptions of ability and the gender gap.
  5. The human guinea pig.
  6. Distrust of vaccines not a left wing issue.

One thought on “A week of links

  1. #6 is a bit of hair-splitting. Yes, liberalism need not mean anti-vaccine – and I know that silly conservative Victoria Jackson is one of these people too – but the fact that such sentiment leans toward occurring in the very blue counties of California almost certainly stems from a kind of Rousseauian view coupled with distrust of “Big Pharma.”

    Having said that, the anti-vaccine thing is still far more mixed politically than anti-GMO, from what I gather.

    Razib Khan looked at the vaccination issue too, and found a top-bottom coalition against being immunized. I suspect of course at the bottom end this comes more from inertia and lack of education than anything ideological.


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