A week of links

Links this week:

  1. Each of us descends many times over from a great many sexual despots.
  2. In every generation, we forget how much poorer we used to be.
  3. Regression and other related non-experimental pattern-finding methods of this type can sound hyper-technical and very gee-whiz (“support vector machines” – cool!), and they can serve various useful purposes. … But they are simply not fit for the task of making reliable, non-obvious predictions for the effects of most contested policy interventions.
  4. Reinterpreting Stanley Milgram’s famous experiment.
  5. Endogenous preferences.
  6. Cognitive vs. behavioral in psychology, economics, and political science.

Author: Jason Collins

Economics. Behavioural and data science. PhD economics and evolutionary biology. Blog at jasoncollins.blog

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