Introducing Evonomics

What is Evonomics?

Evonomics is an online magazine and intellectual movement built on the pillars of complexity science and evolutionary principles, and includes key insights from the synthesis that has slowly been growing across disciplines in areas like behavioral, experimental, institutional, and ecological economics. The magazine showcases the new scientific foundations for human nature and society and demonstrates its relevance to contemporary economic and political issues.

Sign up on the Evonomics site for updates as it gears up for launch. You can also follow Evonomics on twitter.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Evonomics

  1. What do you think about the fact that they are highlighting the slur of “trickle down economics” as a core aspect of their mission statement? When I first read that sentence, I thought it was ironic.

    1. Despite the framing, I’m optimistic there will be a reasonable degree of cross-critique between the magazine’s contributors. A webzine solely dedicated to bashing a neoclassical strawman would not make the most engrossing read. Why people using the complexity/evolutionary lens come to different positions is much more interesting. Hopefully it will generate plenty of blog-worthy material.

      1. I’m worried that we’ve all seen this episode before. It ends with someone arguing for industrial policy and claiming anyone who disagrees with them is a naive neoliberal.

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