Evonomics is live!

The web magazine Evonomics is now live. The blurb:

A revolution in economics and business is taking place. Orthodox economics is quickly being replaced by the latest science of human behavior and how social systems work. Few are aware of these deep and profound changes underway that have power to transform the world.  Not anymore!  Evonomics is the home for thinkers who are applying the ground-breaking science to their lives and who want to see their ideas influence society.

I’d recommend these articles as a starting point:

Why Neoclassical and Behavioral Economics Doesn’t Make Sense without Darwin, by Terry Burnham

The Real Power of Free Markets, by Rory Sutherland

A Different Way to Look at the Economy, by W. Brian Arthur

Evolution Takes over One of the World’s Best Business Schools, by Jonathan Haidt

Who Is the Real Father of Economics?, an interview of Robert Frank by David Sloan Wilson

Also on Evonomics is my recent talk at the MSiX conference, Please, Not Another Bias! The Problem with Behavioral Economics.

The first batch of articles bashes neoclassical economics a lot. I hope that as the magazine evolves there will be some interesting interaction between the proponents of new approaches. Beneath the surface, there are some substantial differences between the proponents as to what this new approach looks like, and it will be interesting to see those differences teased out.

One thought on “Evonomics is live!

  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this … and yes, there’s a lot of ferment around the next economics.

    I’m spending the rest of our (Cda) Thanksgiving Weekend trying to finish the first draft of a book that channels Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler’s “Capital as Power” for non-economists like myself. My evolutionary and sexgend biases do show through though.

    All best wishes with your new venture,



    Can we move from this bogus choice between phony competitors (socialism vs capitalism)…

    To a sharing economy in a peaceful world?

    Dare we even think such thoughts?


        Into an Economy for Humanity?                   
    Lee Doran

    Table of Contents

    Prologue: Capitalism, now

    Part 1. The 18 Varieties of Capitalism

    Part 2. Learnings from the Enlightenment: Economics

    Part 3. Resurrecting Political Economy

    Part 4. Capital as Power

    Part 5. Green-ish Capital

    Part 6. In A World Run by Sociopaths

    Part 7. The Sources of Social Power

    Part 8. The Consolidation of Social Power

    Part 9. Collaboration in a Participatory Society: A Vision

    Part 10. Co-operation Emerges

    Part 11. Fighting for Co-operation: Some Cutting Edge Science

    Part 12. Milton Friedman & the Dumbest Idea

    Part 13. The Ronnie and Maggie Show

    Part 14. 1970’s Euphoria (or Madness?)

    Part 15. Protests and Protestors, then and now

    Part 16. Capitalism: The Endgames

    Part 17. The System is Not Working

    Part 18. Capitalism Morphing: B-corporations

    Part 19. Capitalism Morphing II: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Part 20. Lessons We Must Learn and Apply, gently…

    Epilogue: Capitalism, next?

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